Tea vs. Eat

I have just discovered that two of my very favorite things–TEA and EAT–are made up of the same letters.  This is not coincidence, folks.  This is the universe signaling me that it is time, once more, to begin blogging.  This will be a new project, a blog in which I’m not fenced in by any particular topic, but can just journal, ponder, marinate or percolate any old thought that flits through the old cabeza.  Or corazón, for that matter.

To start with, tea.  I love tea, but am a coffee addict.  I can’t say I love coffee–coffee doesn’t treat me well (sad tummy, skin issues) or keep me flying high for long.  No, coffee is a destructive relationship and I am ready to break up with it.  Tea, well, tea is the cute-but-unnoticed best friend, who is always quietly there for me, supporting me when I need it, comforting me and helping me discover new horizons.  I will count on tea, who doesn’t need to be gussied up (apologies to my friend Gussie) with milk, sugar, chocolate, or frappi-anything, to step in and defend my honor when coffee tries to woo me back with headaches or crabby mornings.

-sighs-  Tea, you’re my hero.

image by Pereira Martins on flickr


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